Here’s How You Can Reduce Your Household Waste, Re-use and Repair


Recycling can help to save materials and energy

However, cutting down on waste in the first place is even better. Taking your own bag when you go shopping can help. You can also repair broken items and find a good home for anything you don’t want anymore.

How can reducing waste benefit you?

Nearly a fifth of household waste is packaging from retail purchases. Shopping carefully can help cut down on this waste.

You could think about:

  1. Take your bag when you go shopping to help reduce the 10 billion plastic bags that are handed out by supermarkets each year.
  2. Register with the Mailing Preference Service to avoid unwanted junk mail being sent to your home.
  3. Trying not to waste food, the average UK household spends £5000 a year on food which is thrown away.
  4. Avoid products with unnecessary packaging.
  5. Choosing reusable products.

The help of rubbish clearance experts

If you have a lot of household waste that needs removal, hire the experts to do it for you! This means you can sit back, relax and let the specialists take over.

Rubbish removal specialists at Croydon will also be able to categorise what can and cannot be recycled, something that you may not be able to do by yourself. Call 0800 138 9100 for your free quote. Alternatively, click here, or if you are more Surrey based then we recommend

Repairing your old household items

Some household items, including computers, electrical equipment and furniture, can be repaired. Search online or in your local phone book for repair services in your area.

What can you re-use?

Many items can be re-used, including mobile phones, printer cartridges, computers, leftover paint and clothes. Even if you have finished with an item, someone else may be able to use it.

There are many places you can choose to drop off your unwanted items, including charity shops, organisations, auction sites and exchange schemes.

Recycling your computers

There are a large number of organisations throughout the UK that will accept unwanted computer equipment and repair or recycle it. Many of them are charities that provide benefits to the local community. See more information.